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Durian Story
Durian Story

About The Durian Story

The Durian Story was founded by Jonathan in 2017 with the determination to change the phenomenon of unreliable quality and unreasonable price points of durians in Singapore's market. Unwilling to settle for less, Jonathan sets about sourcing fresh, quality durians from various plantations in Malaysia. By minimising the presence of middlemen and importing only what the market demands,  The Durian Story assures the competitive pricing and the best quality to all our customers. Over the years, we have hosted numberous Durian Parties with proven track records! We're featured in Channel 8 News, The Straits Time, LianHe ZaoBao, Berita Harian, Class 95FM and Capital 95.8FM.  With a plethora of durian cultivars at The Durian Story, every customer will definitely have their cravings satisfied. Your satisfactory is our priority.

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The Durian Story - Once Upon A Thorn

EST. 2017

About Us

At The Durian Story, we believe in sourcing the best Durians from world’s famous harvesting spots and providing them to our customers in their most natural and freshest form.

  • Market competitive price
  • Transparency
  • Quality assurance
  • Service oriented
  • 1:1 exchange 
About Us


  • VISION – To promote and share the love of Durians with consumers by providing only the best
  • MISSION – To provide quality Durians at great value
  • VALUE – Reliability, Quality & Honesty