Melty Thai Nam Hom Coconut Drink 220ml


Melty Thai Nam Hom Coconut Drink 220ml

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The best combination to go with Durians! Forget about cutting, simply give it a tear and start drinking! 

Melty is Coconut Water in its purest form with no sugar and no added preservatives. Its coconuts hail from Ratchaburi Province in Thailand and planted along the Ratchaburi River. The coconut trees obtains its nutrients and minerals directly from the river, giving rise to its distinct sweetness and aromatic notes.

Storage Conditions:

  • Needs to be kept chilled at all times;

  •  Up to 1 year in freezer (~ -18 degree celcius)

  •  Up to 1 month in refrigerator (~ 1-3 degree celcius)

  • Advisable to store most of your coconut water frozen, storage in refrigerator only meant for immediate consumption (within few days). 

  • Expiry date: between 2024 (based on current stock as at 30 Jun 2022)